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Working midday menu


* Salad with mozzarella of buffala, quince, avocado, tomato, onion and sweet vinaigrette

* Casarecce spicy with tomàquet, anchovies, capers and chilli

* Citrus salad and salmon (€ 1.5)

* Xató de Vilanova (€ 3)

* Bags of goat cheese with a touch of honey and mustard on a nest of lettuces

* Pirena salad, tuna, corn, hard-boiled egg and natural tomato on the nest of lettuce and reduccióñde Peter Jimenez

* Provolone with sautéed white, black botifarra and onion on a base of cream cheese and potato

* Traditional cannelloni

* Spaghettis al pesto with cream cheese

* Risotto Espai the usual, prepared inside a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano (sup.1 €)

* Calamari risotto with onions from Figueres


* Pasta filled with asparagus and mascarpone accompanied by arugula, cherris and parmesan

* Ravioli burrata walnut sauce with a touch of black truffle (sup. € 1.50)

* Raviolone cheese and nuts with cream cheese, leeks and mushrooms with graten

* Duck confit (sup 2 €)

* Lasagna a la bolognesa

* Iberian Presa accompanied by potatoes with onions and vegetables (sup 3,50 €)

* Botifarra with potatoes onions and all i oli

* Corns with chickpeas

* Pork cheeks stewed in their sauce

* Cuttlefish with meatballs and potatoes (€ 1.5)

* Ajoarriero cod (spicy) * Cod confit with mashed seasonal vegetables

* Pizzas: 3 cheeses - York ham and mushrooms - Jamaica - Ceba - Picant - Capricci

                      SEE THE OTHER PIZZAS IN LETTER !!!



* Apple tatin with cream

* Profiteroles of cream with hot chocolate

* Pannacota * Brownie (top € 1.50) or

* Coulant (top € 1) with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate

* Ice cream

First + Second + 1 drink + 1 bread + Desserts or coffee (coffee € 0.90 - caragillo / three-phase € 1) € 14.50€ inc. VAT

 1 PLATE + 1 DRINK 7.80€ VAT inc.

The menu of ESPAI It is valid every day noon and night!



- Trinxat de la Cerdanya (potato, cabbage, bacon and black botifarra)

- Calamari risotto with onions from Figueres ! Sacks of goat cheese with honey on top of lettuce nest

- Gala salad, hot brie cheese toast with raisins, pinyones and tomato confit, on a base of lettuce with          mustard and cream vinaigrette

- Salad Espai de la Carme, bouquet of lettuce, foie gras, apple Caramelized, candied onion, leek in   tempura and honey vinaigrette (€ 1.50)

- Dalí salad, arugula, natural tomato, green asparagus, leek in tempura, candied tomato, parmesan and   pistachio vinaigrette. 

- Provolone with spicy chorizo ​​from Naples, green chilli pepper, potato and cream cheese.

- Provolone a menorquina, potato, cream cheese, onion confit, tomato natural and sobrasada

- Risotto with mushroom sauce and slices of parmesan (€ 2)

- Risotto Espai, the one always made inside the wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano.

- Beef carpaccio with Parmigiano Reggiano shavings and olive oil Seconds to choose

- Traditional cannelloni



- Black Risotto de sípia (€ 1,5)

- Pasta stuffed with asparagus and mascarpone, accompanied by arugula, tomato cherri and parmesan

- Risotto a la Catalana, spinach, raisins and pine nuts ! Ravioli stuffed with burrata with walnut sauce     with black truffle sauce

- Lasagna a la bolognesa

- Spaghettis al foie, with quail eggs, foie sauce and black truffle (€ 2.50) 

- Cannelloni with stewed sauce and onions onions

- Raviolone stuffed with cheese and nuts with cream cheese, leeks and mushrooms with graten

- Rotelle (pasta) stuffed with seafood, with fumet, prawns, clams and mussels

- Duck confit with accompaniment and Pedro Ximénez reduction (€ 1.7)

- Cod with tempura, samfaïna with all i oli al graten

- Braised pork feet with minced nuts ! Pork cheeks stewed in their sauce

- Iberian Presa with onions potatoes (€ 2,5)

Homemade desserts and artisans  21.90€ MENU = First + Second + Dessert or coffee (coffee supplement € 1.40) - caragillo / triphasic 1.5 €) + 1 bread (VAT INCLUDED) MENU PER PERSON

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